Conversations: Kenya Barris & Lauren London

by Tim Gordon

On the latest episode of Conversations, we sit down with the ultra-talented Kenya Barris and Lauren London to discuss their latest cultural comedy, You People.

Barris talks about the creation of the story and creating a safe space for London’s return to the big screen.

Barris: You and Jonah Hill have created a romantic comedy that Eddie Murphy described as a modern-day Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. How were you and Jonah able to successfully manage to keep it fun with all of the intense and awkward conversations and issues about race you explore?

Lauren: I couldn’t miss the parallels between how the relationship and race were portrayed in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and You People. What was your initial reaction when you first read the script and how much of the story was relatable to you?

Barris: Race has been a central tenet in your work. This film feels like a culmination of your previous projects. Did it feel like that when you and Jonah were creating it or is this just another extension of your work?

Check out the Conversation, below: