Power (Recap) | Best Laid Plans (S1 E8)

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Ghost makes a major decision in an attempt to become a legitimate businessman.

Last week, we saw quite a few things unfold. Ghost and Tommy drifted further apart as friends especially after Ghost had placed in a position where he had to kill one of his own friend Rolla. Ghost and Tasha barely talk at this point, while Angela starts sacrifice things in her life and career in order to be with Ghost. The most important revelation though is Kanan being the one that was behind all the hits on Ghost’s and Ruiz’s crew, as he’s the one that hired the out of town Latina assassin.

The finale starts off with Ghost going through the emotions of killing his long time friend, though he’s having a rough time, he’s now more eager than ever to distance himself from the life. He begins to plan, the first thing is to setup in Miami with a second Truth club.

Lobos is Paranoid
Ghost’s plug (connect) Lobos is paranoid and for good reason because the Feds have been monitoring his movements, so instead of his usual routine of meeting with Ghost and Tommy, he has them abducted, bagged their heads to drive them to a secret location.

Lobos’ California business has been compromised so half his profits have vanished, so he asks Ghost to deliver double the amount of product they usually do. Ghost has his reservations while Tommy is eager to take on the new work, Lobos takes notes of the inconsistency between Tommy and Ghost and urges Ghost to think about it. They leave the meeting to make plans to see if expanding is a possibility.

Tommy first reaches out to Ruiz to see if he wants to take on new work, Ruiz says no unless Tommy is willing to supply him with weapons and protection. Tommy takes the news back to Ghost, he’s is uneasy about the whole thing so he leaves it up to Tommy to decide, who decides that they’re going to get into the gun trafficking business.

Ghost and Tasha Angela
Things are pretty fickle with Ghost and Tasha at the moment, Tasha’s mom tells her she needs to start making plans. She does just that by going to the bank and opening a private bank account in her name only, while Ghost makes plans to go to Miami with his love Angela who’s all on board to go. Before leaving their home Ghost tells Tasha they should talk when he gets back from Miami, he goes to Angela’s apartment to her that he believes Tasha knows he’s seeing someone else.

Angela is also making some drastic decisions in order to be with Ghost, she gets into a fight with her sister about her going to Miami with Ghost. She takes back her apartment keys from her sister and says ghost needs a key, she doesn’t.

While Ghost is traveling around the city handling business, he’s completely unaware that the Latina assassin is hunting him and came within inch of killing him. The thing that saved him is the fact that Kanan’s son was there, and Kanan doesn’t want him hurt.

Tommy and Holly
Ironically Ghost isn’t the only one that’s been slipping, as his partner Tommy is making one of the biggest mistakes, as he;s completely brought the club waitress Holly fully into the fold. He even reveals Jaimie’s street name Ghost and has decided to bring her into the business.

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