FilmGordon Radio | Misty Stone

James Bartholet Birthday Party at "R Lounge" Studio City, CA on October 9 2010

On the next episode of Conversation, we sit down with adult film actress, Misty Stone. Stone, who was featured in the recent documentary, Aroused, will join us to pull back the curtain on the porn industry.

Named one of the Top 50 Hottest Porn Stars of All Time, this native of Inglewood, California has been making movies in the adult film industry since 2006. As Stone steadily built her career and reputation, she was selected as one of 16 of the industry’s rising stars that was profiled in Deborah Anderson’s Aroused Project.

With over 190 adult films under her belt, Stone shares her insights into the additional opportunities available to her outside of the industry, the insecurities of lovers who have issues reconciling her day job and why she loves her job so much.

This NSFW episode of Conversations will air at a special time of 11pm, Tuesday night, September 3; this will truly be an unforgettable episode!!!