Trailer Park | Kidnap


The latest trailer for Oscar and Black Reel Award winner Halle Berry is available online. Her first film since The Call once again finds Berry in a heart-stopping thriller, Kidnap.

Much like her earlier project, Frankie & Alice, Kidnap has been on the shelf since 2014 until it was acquired by Relativity Studios two years ago. Kidnap centers on a mother (Berry) who will stop at nothing to rescue her kidnapped son, a storyline very similar to her turn in the call when she emerged from a 911 call center to help track down . . . you guessed it, a kidnapped girl.

Last week, we remarked that Morris Chestnut has a habit of playing characters that can’t recognize disturbing behavior in his films, Berry’s most recent films spotlight her concern for the welfare of young people taken against their will. It is always fascinating to get inside an actor’s head when they pick projects that seem repetitive to outside movie fans. Is it the actor drawn to certain material or have producers typecast them and only offer them variations of films/stories that are familiar to them?

Spanish filmmaker Luis Prieto (Pusher) directs the film, from a script penned by Knate Gwaltney. Berry also executive produces the project.

Relativity has not announced a release date for the film but odds are that it will either get a release later this year or in the first quarter of 2017.

Check out the trailer, below: