Reel Reviews | Turbo


This week on Reel Shorts, a freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500 in the highly-entertaining animated film, Turbo

Audio Review

This better-than-average tale about a garden snail, Theo, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who sees himself much differently than others around him, as well as seeing himself larger than his circumstances. Relegated to a routine life of harvesting tomatoes, he dreams of moving through the world in high-speed and following the lead of his idol, champion race car driver, Guy Gagne (Bill Hader).

After suffering a freak occurrence, Theo, now reborn as Turbo, has the ability to move at breathtaking speeds. Despite the pleading of his brother, Chet, voiced by Paul Giamatti, Turbo hooks up with taco truck driver/dreamer, Tito (Michael Pena) and a high-profile crew of other racing snails, Skidmark (Ben Schwartz), White Shadow (Michael Bell), Smoove Move (Snoop Dogg), Burn (Maya Rudolph) and their leader, Whiplash, hilariously voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Inexplicably, he gets the opportunity to race against his rival in the Indy 500; will a snail make history? Anchored by strong voice performances from a bevy of talented actors, great animation and familiar story of someone overcoming their obstacles from greater glory, Turbo is indeed a winner!

Grade: B+