Reel Clips | Bump


Movie geek and DC film critic, Kevin “BDK” McCarthy has spent many of nights sitting in theaters with me watching and reviewing films over the last several years. Now comes my time to flip the tables on my buddy as he has made his first short film, Bump and I get to critique HIS work!!!

Bump tells the story of a young man, Chris, who suffers from ADD and is trying to cope with a recent accident that may have injured someone fatally. He tries to deal with his issues with the help of his girlfriend, Jackie as she seeks to reassure and soothe his injured psyche.

McCarthy, who reviews film for WTTG-TV’s FOX-5 in Washington, DC, was inspired to make his film debut after a conversation at a film junket with director Steven Spielberg. The celebrated director told McCarthy, “You should be a filmmaker.” To drive the point home, McCarthy overheard Spielberg tell someone, “I think he’s going to be a filmmaker this kid . . . He’s got the stuff.”

After one more encounter with Spielberg, McCarthy got together with two of his best friends from college and collaborated on this 13-minute project, which cost less than $400 to make. Shot over a 2-day period and well over 100 hours editing later, McCarthy’s initial vision is complete.

The film stars McCarthy in the lead along with fellow critic and his real-life girlfriend, Lauren Veneziani.

I’m inspired by his example and proud to have watched this young man’s development.

Check out the film, below: