Power (Recap) | When I Get Out (S4 E1)

by Georgette Pierre | via Entertainment Weekly

I’m sure real tears fell down your face (*insert Soulja Boy crying meme*) when you heard, “They say this is a big, rich town.” Nine months after the season 3 finale nearly sent us into fits, Power is back.

The first episode of season 4 wastes no time reminding you what your ex-fave did to Ghost last season. Here’s your refresher: Ghost’s federal prosecutor ex-mistress Angela arrested him at his nightclub, Truth, for the murder of… wait for it… Angela’s ex-colleague, ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, and magic bean holder, Greg Knox. Now of course, we know Ghost didn’t do it, but with petty revenge swirling around in Angela’s bones, she doesn’t want to hear that. It gets worse.

Season 4 opens on a contemplative Ghost in jail, surrendering his personal belongings, as he flashes back to Tasha reading him his rights for bringing a fed into their lives, Tommy yelling at him for not being in control of the situation, and Angela asking his whereabouts the night before. He snaps out of it as his wife calls his cell, but prison guards won’t let him answer. He points out that it could be an emergency. Angela quips, “We can send an NYPD cruiser by your place if you’d like.”

While all this is happening, we see Sandoval, the agency’s mole and Greg’s real killer, about to dispose of the gun that killed Knox. Angela tries to act like she’s enjoying seeing Ghost helpless, but that feeling doesn’t last long. When she gets back to her apartment, she looks distraught, dropping a glass of red wine on the kitchen floor. You don’t get to be sad, girl! You put him there.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Tommy rolls up to Keisha’s spot, where he’s been hiding her from Milan and Tasha. He’s come to tell Keisha that Milan is dead (as you’ll recall, Ghost and Tommy killed him) and that she doesn’t have to worry anymore — but then he gets a call from Tasha telling him that Tariq is missing. Being the interesting problem solver that he is, Tommy heads to Truth nightclub to get answers from Dre about Tariq’s whereabouts, only to learn that Angela arrested Ghost. Le sigh. We already knew Tommy wasn’t a fan of hers, and then she pulled this stunt. I was rocking with Angela until she turned on Ghost. With Ghost locked up, Tommy has to quell the team’s concerns about the “business.”

So what’s Tasha’s reaction to all of this? She’s broken and fed up. Not only is she still married to the man who wanted nothing to do with her, but Angela arrested Tasha’s lifeline, and now a stranger wants ransom money for her son. The thin line between her love and hate for Ghost becomes apparent when Ghost’s crooked lawyer, Joe Proctor, tells Tasha she needs to scrounge up $2 million dollars of clean money for Ghost to post bail. Stakes are high since he’s being charged with killing a federal agent. Good luck with that. As Tasha starts working on pulling the money together, things get ugly. She discovers that Ghost cleaned out their rainy-day fund and finds a note in their security box that reads, “I’m sorry Tasha. I’ll put it back.” I’m not convinced, either.

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