Power (Recap) | It’s Never Over (S3 E2)

by Rebecca Theodore | via Entertainment Weekly

Shedding his old life as New York’s most powerful druglord is proving to be more difficult than Ghost expected. Even after eliminating people who could tie him to his life of crime, Ghost is still worried by one remaining loose end — Lobos.

After finding out from Angela that Lobos is still alive, Ghost sets up a meeting with his lawyer, Joe Proctor, to find out Lobos’ whereabouts. Proctor tells his client he could use his resources to track down Lobos, but does he really want to? “You asking me means you already know more than I do.” But Ghost assures Proctor that once they get rid of Lobos, Ghost will truly be dead. Ghost then calls the inmate who tried to take out Lobos the first time and instructs him to be ready to finish the job once Ghost finds out where Lobos is.

Tommy has his own problems running the empire without Ghost. After one of Lobos’ men killed his dog as a warning to Tommy, he withholds this information from his girlfriend, Holly, as she posts “Missing” signs around their neighborhood. Tommy clumsily attempts to comfort Holly by offering to buy her another dog, which sets Holly off. “You can’t just replace Belle! That’s like saying if you died, I’d go out and sleep with another man right after.” Tommy apologizes, but knows he can only keep Lobos at bay for only so long unless he kills Ghost.

Later Tommy meets up with Julio to figure out how to handle their lack of product to their distributors. Julio suggests that they “cut” the product they currently have to stretch their supply, but Tommy doesn’t take kindly to Julio’s idea. “I’m not gonna compromise the product that would ruin my name in the streets. Just because there’s a change in management, doesn’t mean there’s a change in the product.”

Ghost visits Tasha to convince her to drop off a check to Tommy — his share of the sale of the laundromats they used as a front to launder drug money. Tasha (still salty at Ghost over Sean’s death and the kids’ impending sleepover at Angela’s) asks if they can afford to pay Tommy off since they are now only living off the revenue of the nightclubs. When Ghost pushes Tasha, she snaps: “Well, Tommy won’t talk to me either. Guess I’m just collateral damage over what went down.”

When Tasha visits her BFF LaKeisha at her hair salon, LaKeisha doesn’t mince words when expressing her disapproval of Angela. “No way would I let my kids spend the night at some sidepiece’s house. She’s a drive-by.”

Tasha reminds LaKeisha of Angela’s upgraded status in her ex-husband’s life, “Well, she’s not a drive-by. He parked.” When LaKeisha notices Tasha is no longer wearing her wedding ring, Tasha admits she just wants to move on. “I’m tired of playing games. The Ghost I know is gone.”

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