Power (Recap) | I Got This on Lock (S3 E3)

by Rebecca Theodore | via Entertainment Weekly

Who runs the world? Girls! Tonight’s episode was a refreshing reminder that the women of Power aren’t just props for the male leads, but just as equally ambitious and cunning.

Tasha St. Patrick has never been the stereotypical hand-wringing, saintly “mob wife” we’ve see on film and television. Tasha has been a willing participant and partner in Ghost’s rise to running the drug game in New York City. Part of what led to the demise of her marriage to Ghost was Tasha’s insistence that he maintain top dog status in the drug game, instead of going legit. Now that Ghost is seemingly “out the game,” Tasha has moved on to a new hustle with Tommy. Tasha comes up with the idea to launder Tommy’s drug money by purchasing hair weave and sell it wholesale to beauty salons and full retail price to beauty salon customers.

In order to get their new enterprise up and running, Tasha intends to use her best friend LaKeisha’s beauty salon as a business front. Tasha pitches the hair weave idea (minus the drug money part) to LaKeisha and introduces her to Holly, who LaKeisha greets frostily. When Holly excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room, LaKeisha reminds her BFF of the time Holly stole a pair of expensive earrings from Tasha, but Tasha assures LaKeisha that it’s all water under the bridge.

We’re also introduced to LaVerne Thomas, a Washington D.C. police officer. Officer Thomas is on patrol one night, when she walks in on two men sticking up a pharmacy store. She pulls a gun on the two suspects and asks the cashier if anyone else is in the store. The cashier tells LaVerne no and that he tripped the silent alarm. LaVerne’s face turns cold and says, “I wish you hadn’t done that,” and she instructs the robber closest to the cashier to shoot him.

Turns out the “respectable” police officer is actually “Jukebox” — she drove up to New York to rescue her cousin Kanan after his near death battle with Ghost. Jukebox has Kanan secretly stashed in her home in D.C. while he recovers from his injuries. Jukebox withholds Kanan’s pain meds until he tells her the truth about what happened to him and his son, Shawn.

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