Greenleaf (Recap) | Point of No Return (S2 E5)

by Jacqueline J. Holness | via After the Alter Call

As this is Holy Week, I wondered if the Greenleaf’s of OWN’s “Greenleaf” would be a bit more holy in this episode, but if you keep reading this Greenleaf Recap Season 2 Episode 5, you will learn the Greenleafs may send themselves to Hell instead of allowing God to usher them to Heaven…


Pastor Grace starts off this episode creeping into the Greenleaf estate shortly before sunrise. Just when she thinks no one notices her tiptoeing in, her daughter Sophia, with the zeal of a brand new Christian, surprises her as she was praying early in the morning as Jesus recommends in the Word. Her daughter calls her out and says she must be a friend-with-benefits to Darius, but she denies it. She spent the night talking with Darius about how to put Mac in jail she tells her daughter. Sophia suggests that they simply pray and give the matter to God. Bless her Praying Pollyanna heart…I love this African proverb: When you pray, move your feet…

On the other side of town, Jacob and Kerissa have to creep around in the dark for another reason: the lights in the parsonage have gone out! And apparently, it’s not the first time. Kerissa tells her husband she is going to call Basie’s wife Tasha to complain. “If they thought the place was livable, they would be living here,” she says. To make matters worse, Basie Skanks calls them first and tells Jacob about the injunction that will stop the construction of Triumph 2 for at least 28 days. Jacob’s new boss says they will not cower at Calvary’s injunction! Instead, they will throw a curve ball and show up at Calvary to confront Bishop straight up in his face.

Lady Mae is trying to creep into Aaron Jeffries’ heart. He has moved into Jacob’s room, and she shows him the beauty of where he will now be living. His balcony provides a panoramic view of the greenery of the Greenleaf estate. Lady Mae uses this opportunity to tell Aaron that if Calvary fails, they would have to sell the estate to settle the books.

Father Figure…

Charity and Kevin get along well for a couple who has decided they are divorcing. Charity asks Kevin if he can watch their son Nathan while she meets with Jabari, her album producer, to discuss cover art for her album. He agrees to do so and tells her that with their relationship status, he’s not sure if he will have the same access to his son as he does right now. She assures him that although they are getting divorced, he will still be able to be a present father for his son.

Basie drags Jacob to Calvary’s campus like he is Jacob’s daddy, huffing and puffing in the tradition of George Jefferson from the sitcom “The Jeffersons” aka Deacon Frye from the sitcom “Amen.” Am I the only one who sees the comedy in Basie? I know this is supposed to be serious business, but he seems like a chihuahua: all bluster and nary a bite. Basie with Jacob in tow busts up in Bishop’s office and asks him, “What kind of father does this to your only son?” He then demands that the matter be resolved “peacefully and spiritually.” What does that mean?

As Bishop is busy, Pastor Grace will officiate a wedding at Calvary – if the couple can stop bickering during their premarital counseling. The couple meets with Grace and they argue about the education of their children yet to be born. Apparently, the wife-to-be wants her children to receive a Christian education while the husband-to-be wants secular schooling.

In another part of the church, Charity and Jabari discuss the cover art for Charity’s new album. But Jabari doesn’t want their partnership to end, he tells her that she should be a professional songwriter with his publishing company – which would include coming to Nashville from time to time. Y’all know what’s up, right? Or what he wants to go down…They’re cheesing and hugging as they converse when Lady Mae walks in. Jabari excuses himself before Lady Mae asks, “Should I be concerned?” Then she drops this line: “Be careful. Take it from a woman who knows.” (Insert mouth dropping open) With this line, Lady Mae confirms that she had an affair on Bishop with Pastor Jeffries. . .

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