Casting News | Samuel L. Jackson

samuel-l-jacksonThe President of the United States continues to be the subject of attack – on film. The latest film to put the most powerful man in the world in harm’s way is the upcoming film, Big Game, starring Samuel L. Jackson as POTUS.

The project, which will mark the English-language debut for Jalmari Helander, is billed as an adrenaline-fueled action-adventure and tells the story of a shy, nervous 13-year-old boy who, like his forefathers, takes a test of manhood by spending one day and night alone in the wilderness of a vast local forest.

Armed only with a bow and arrow, his task is to return with a prize to prove himself. But when Air Force One is shot down by terrorists, the young man discovers the U.S. president in an escape pod, and they have to team up as the terrorists close in.

Helander will direct and Petri Jokiranta will produce under the pair’s Subzero banner, with Alex Garland serving as executive producer (28 Days Later, Dredd). Will Clarke and Andy Mayson will co-produce for Altitude Film Entertainment with German partner Jens Meurer of Egoli Tossell Films.

“We are achieving what we set out to do by working with the best of U.K. and international talent and distinctive filmmakers in developing and producing highly commercial projects from the ground up and bringing them to market,” said Clarke. “To be attracting world-class talent such as Samuel L Jackson and Peter Mullan and working with filmmakers such as James Watkins and Jalmari Helander is indicative of the quality of the projects, the ambition of the films we want Altitude to be involved in and the creative relationships we are enjoying.”

It seems like wherever you look, Jackson is on the big screen. Last year, Jackson starred in five films including Django Unchained and The Avengers; he followed that up with four more this year including roles in Turbo, Oldboy and Afro Samurai.

This will be the third recent project that has the subject of POTUS and terrorist on the big screen, earlier this year Olympus Has Fallen and the upcoming White House Down both covered the same subject matter.