Trailer Park | Tulu: The Revolt


The trailer for the upcoming slave uprising film, Tulu: The Revolt has been posted online. The film tells the valiant true story story about a slave uprising and the man who stoop against his oppressors.

The film tells the story about a slave uprising on the island of Curacao, a Dutch colony in 1795, and the man called Tula, who stood up against his oppressors, and led the revolt that would last about a month.

The inspiration for the rebellion was that Tula and an initial group of 40 to 50 slaves requested three things of their overseers: an end to collective punishment, an end to working on Sundays, and lastly, the right to buy their wears from anywhere they wanted, not just from their masters, which was the rule of the day.

Apparently, they didn’t get what they asked for, and thus, Tula organized a group of fellow slaves who resolved not to work as slaves anymore. The rebellion, which actually began peacefully and was meant to be ‘won with words, rather than arms,” lasted for more than a month. But, unfortunately, it didn’t end as peacefully as it begun, because the colonial forces crushed the revolt, Tula was captured, tortured, convicted and executed.

Obi Abili (a British actor of Nigerian decent) will star in the film as the title character, Tula, while Danny Glover will play Shinishi, the elder of the group, a very significant role. The film also features a cast of international actors which includes Obi Abili, Jeroen Krabbé, Derek de Lint, Henriette Tol and Barry Hay.

The film’s release this year also marks the 150th anniversary since slavery was finally abolished on the island of Curacao in 1863.

Check out the trailer and images from the film below: