Trailer Park | Knight of Cups


The trailer for the highly-anticipated new film from Terrence Malick, Knight of Cups, has been released online.

Malick’s latest film centers on a screenwriter living in Los Angeles tries to make sense of the strange events occurring around him. While he’s successful in his career, his life feels empty.

Haunted by the death of one brother and the dire circumstances of the other, he finds temporary solace in the Hollywood excess that defines his existence. Women provide a distraction to the daily pain he must endure. And every encounter that comes his way brings him closer to finding his place in the world.

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Regarded as one of America’s greatest living filmmakers, Knight of Cups will be Malick’s eighth film over his storied four-decade career.

The romantic fantasy drama, which spent two years in post-production, stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman.

Knight of Cups is scheduled to be released on March 4, 2016. Check out the trailer below: