Trailer Park | Honeytrap

Jealousy and revenge are played out when a young girl is sucked into gang activity with disastrous results in the ripped-from-the-headlines UK drama, Honeytrap.

The debut film of Black Reel Awards nominated director Rebecca Johnson, Honeytrap tells the story of Layla, a beautiful 15-year-old girl who, after living most of her life with her grandparents in Trinidad, arrives in Brixton, London, to live with her estranged mother. Based on the case of a real-life murder which made UK news headlines in 2008, in which a young girl is used to lure her naïve ex-boyfriend into the trap of her older ex-boyfriend and his posse, Honeytrap avoids the headlines and plays out the classic fish out of water metaphor to a devastatingly tragic conclusion.

Initially sticking out like a sore thumb and desiring to fit in, Layla is led down paths that seem unlikely she’d have gone down if the spectre of teenage peer pressure and a desperate need for acceptance, weren’t so strongly at play.

Honeytrap is an engaging, well-paced film which manages to go beyond the sensation of a young female accomplice to murder, and cuts to the very personal story of a young woman who lets her desperate yearning for affection and acceptance spiral way out of her control.

Array announced its acquisition of Honeytrap in August, making the film the company’s 14th theatrical release. The company will give the film a national screening tour beginning September 23, 2016, with planned runs in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Memphis, Montgomery, and Boston.

The film will debut on Netflix in the US and Canada on October 3rd.

Check out the playdates in each city, plus a clip and a trailer of the film, embedded below: