The Carmichael Show (Recap) | Support the Troops (S3 E2)

by Hasti | via The Game of Nerds

In Support Our Troops, Jerod refuses to thank a soldier for his service and Joe is not having it. The boys are bringing donuts to the army recruiting office, something Joe does weekly to show his appreciation, when they run into someone who used to beat up Bobby and who abandoned his pregnant girlfriend. He’s a soldier now so Joe calls him over and thanks him for his service. Bobby also forgets about all the bullying and shakes his hand, but Jerod not only doesn’t shake hands, he calls him out right there in front of everyone!

When they get home, Joe and Cynthia continue shaming Jerod while Maxine is so proud of his stand against jerky people and his questioning of the system. Joe wants the kids to love their country and not question anything, to do as the government tells you. Jerod asks if he even knows what countries The USA is at war with right now, which leads to some hilarious absurdity I’m sure we’ve all recognized while talking to our older cable news watching relatives. The kids are trying to prove that America has done some shitty things, while the parents keep talking “big picture.”

Kevin later shows up to apologize to Bobby and in an effort to prove how patriotic he is, Joe agrees to watch his dog for the next 6 months. Cynthia HATES the dog and they are having the worst time with it when Nekeisha busts in and tells them Bobby is joining the army. Turns out, he’s doing it to make his dad proud, but Joe doesn’t trust his sons life to this government, that he voted for, so he makes an impassioned speech and gets him home.

It’s only been 2 episodes and we’ve already tackled sexual assault and the military individually. The rest of the season is said to tackle gun violence, Cosby, and the n word (in an episode that will actually say the word 6 times), so you know it’s going to be amazing must-see TV at every turn.

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