Sundance ’23 | Indie Episodic

by Tim Gordon

Indie Episodic is an industry leader in the discovery and development of the series’ newest talent. The program is a dedicated showcase for emerging creators of independently produced content for episodic platforms. Past projects that have premiered within this category include Bring on the Dancing Horses, Work in Progress, State of the Union, Gentefied, Wu Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men, and Quarter Life Poetry.


Chanshi / Israel (Directors: Mickey Triest, Aaron Geva, Producer: Ayelet Imberman ) — Chanshi is from a Jewish-Orthodox Brooklyn family. She uses the story of a friend’s wedding in Israel as a cover to escape her conservative bubble and fiance. Free to fulfill her forbidden fantasy of sleeping with Israeli soldiers, her trip triggers a past trauma threatening to ruin her adventures. Cast: Aleeza Chanowitz, Henry Winkler, Caroline Aaron, Tomer Machloof, Marnina Schon, Lee Bader. World Premiere. Available Online.

The Night Logan Woke Up / Canada, France (Director and Producer: Xavier Dolan) — On a cold October night in 1991, an unspeakable event rocks a small town in Quebec, forever haunting a family who tries to hide their dark secret. Thirty years later these secrets buried deep in the past resurface, sending the family on an unstoppable pursuit of reconciliation. Cast: Xavier Dolan, Patrick Hivon, Eric Bruneau, Julie Le Breton, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Anne Dorval. International Premiere. Available Online.

Poacher / India, U.S.A. (Director and Producer: Richie Mehta, Producers: Sean McKittrick, Raymond Mansfield, Edward H. Hamm Jr.) — A group of Indian Forest Service officers, NGO workers, police constables, and Good Samaritans risk their lives trying to track down the biggest elephant ivory poachers in the history of India and bring them to justice. Inspired by true events. Cast: Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya. World Premiere. Available Online.

Willie Nelson and Family / U.S.A. (Directors: Thom Zimny, Oren Moverman, Producers: Keith Wortman, Mark Rothbaum, Eddie Vaisman, Julia Lebedev) — The first authorized work exploring the extraordinary life of Willie Nelson traverses the personal and career ups, downs, and in-betweens of one of the world’s most beloved musicians, by turns spiritual, dramatic, and playful. World Premiere. 2 of 5 Episodes Available Online.