Sundance ’17 | Trailer Park (Bad Day for the Cut)

Really bad things happen when an Irish farmer sets out on a mission of revenge after his elderly mother is killed by a mysterious stranger in Chris Baugh’s Sundance premiere, Bad Day for the Cut.

The story centers around Donal who lives a simple enough life. Spending his days in the tiny Northern Irish village where he’s always lived, tending to his fields and his aging mother, maybe letting off a little steam at the local pub or taking care of his restored camper van for fun. His life is good but unfortunately, that’s just not how things shake out.

Events transpire and we witness a twisted revenge tale of a man driven to the absolute brink. Nigel O’Neill stars as Donal, a man whose entire life and sense of self is upended when his mother is violently taken from him. He soon embarks on a revenge-fueled trip to the big city, and what he finds there seems poised to shock everyone, from Donal to Baugh’s own audience.

Check out the trailer, below: