Reel Shorts | The Overnight


A recently relocated couple have a night to remember when they are invited to the ultimate “playdate” in the comedy, The Overnight.

Young couple, Alex and Emily (Adam Scott and Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling) are trying to adjust to their new life in L.A. after moving down from Seattle. Everything is an adjustment, including finding time to be intimate without interruptions from their son, R.J.

Bored with being “Mr. Mom” while Emily goes off to work, a frustrated Alex seemingly hits the “new friend jackpot” when a friend of his son, Kurt (Jason Schartzman) invites them over to his plush home for a dinner party.

The overly aggressive and liberal Kurt is the epitome of the typical Los Angeleno. Ultra-hip and humorous, Alex and Emily are open to exploring where the friendship goes.

The stakes increase when they meet his beautiful French wife, Charlotte (Judith Godreche). While the kids play, the two couples innocently explore their friendship. Slowly but surely, you get the feeling of where the story is going but you wonder how long it will take before the unsuspecting Emily and Alex get the hint.

Much like his debut film, Creep, writer/director Patrick Brice is adept at the claustrophobic nature of inter-personal relationships. Here he hits the goldmine as he explores a couple dealing with their own intimacy issue and are presented with an opportunity to try something new that can either strengthen their bond or drive them apart.

Schartzman, who is known for amusing off-beat performances in a variety of films, really sinks his teeth into the role serving as the film’s comic engine. Whether displaying his “Portal” series or encouraging Scott to be a “Stud Horse,” he is in full comedic control.

Schilling is also solid as the unsatisfied, yet content wife who suspects that her new friends have some skeletons in their closets.

Invoking the classic 1969 story, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Overnight is a free-wheeling contemporary examination of what can go wrong with too much drugs and alcohol mixed with relational dysfunction.

While I wouldn’t encourage such a premise, as a cinematic voyeur there are a lot worse ways to spend a night!!!

Grade B-