Snowfall (Recap) | Prometheus Rising (S2 E3)

by Zoe West | via Fansided

On this weeks episode of Snowfall several alliances are formed, for better or for worse.

Here’s everything you need to know about this week’s latest episode of Snowfall and what it means for next week’s all-new episode and the season ahead.

Teddy and his brother went on a bit of a trip to pick up his new supply of cocaine to sell. Teddy was more open than I thought he would be about what exactly they were doing. I guess once you’re already outside the law it matters less about keeping your coworkers in the dark. Both of them were surprised by how rough the operation was. They were expecting professional and it wasn’t really. It didn’t really end well for them either, both were essentially captured, and one may not make it out alive.

Even after their capture, Teddy remained brass. He was confident that none of the other men would do anything because he worked for the US government. It didn’t work out for him that well, he got punched in the eye, but ultimately both he and his brother were essentially welcomed.

His captors set up a full banquet in their hideout, serving the delicacy of pigs feet. Sounds good. The men made a deal with Teddy, asking for a number of mostly innocuous thins to allow them to take on some extra dress. The items included Michael Jackson’s latest album, Frosted Flakes, and Cabbage Patch dolls. The problem came up when they asked for Visa’s, to take their families to Disneyland. Teddy was reluctant but eventually caved. That will, I expect an odd order to give his superiors.

Once they got out, however, his brother revealed that he didn’t think Teddy even had to keep his promises. That Teddy was too honorable and should try to ‘think like a drug lord.’ Not sure how that is going to turn out.

Gustavo and Lucia
Gustavo went to some kind of fortune teller, looking for some insight into Lucia’s apparently odd behavior, and the reappearance of her brother. The response was certainly ominous, but the fortune teller-type-person seemed to largely dismiss Pedro as an immediate threat.

Pedro himself was certainly eager to get involved, He even brought his finance right back to the workshop, and she reiterated her desire to help. I can’t help but feel there’s something off about that. Could spell bad things for Lucia.

Apparently, Franklin’s two people, who were killed at the end of episode 2, were found. Jerome had received a tip on who did it and wanted to go and get them. Whether he was blinded by anger or grief wasn’t apparent, but he wasn’t thinking clearly. Franklin told him not to go, but it may not have gotten through.

Actually, it didn’t, because Jerome and the others in his group sought out the people who killed their friends last week. Or rather who they thought killed their friends. I don’t know if it was the right people, and Franklin apparently wasn’t sure either. He showed up and told them to ‘wrap it up’ quickly, but made sure not to involve himself much. They didn’t end up doing anything, but Jerome and Franklin got in a bit of a shouting match. Franklin was (rightly) furious that they hadn’t done much (or any) research/confirmation before going out, fully loaded.

Once his people got off the street and called down, Franklin called Lucia, with the card she gave him in episode 2, hoping to get information on the killers. She didn’t know anything but promised to look into it, and they arranged to meet later. Clearly, there was not much trust to go around in that conversation.

Pedro got the job he wanted, it seemed, or at least some equivalent thereof. He was put in charge of pick ups and drop offs. Gustavo went with him on one of his first ones, I guess to teach him the ropes. Good thing too, Pedro didn’t seem prepared for dealing with the buyer, a large and fairly intimidating woman, and ends up punched in the face. Better luck next time.

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