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This week on Reel Shorts, three people undergo a 12-step process to cure their sexual addiction, in Stuart Blumberg’s dramedy, Thanks for Sharing.

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This story centering on a group of people in a sexual addiction treatment group, finds them all in various stages dealing with their addictive challenges.

Mike (Robbins), the group’s senior member is a recovering alcoholic, who mentors Adam (Ruffalo) through his sex addiction. Now five years sober, his sobriety is severely threatened when he meets a beautiful, sexy free spirit named Phoebe (Paltrow).

Meanwhile, a young doctor, Neil (Gad) lands in the group after his behavior spirals out of control with the last straw being that he is fired for filming up his supervisor’s skirt. Then there’s Dede (“Pink” a.k.a. Moore) who also is fighting strong urges to not confuse sex with love.

Blumberg’s script is very genuine and authentic, not demonizing or over explaining their actions, but not presenting their treatment environment and situations in a rushed or simplistic manner. While sexual addiction is on the forefront, Blumberg also tackles drug and alcohol challenges as well.

After emerging from a “dark place” earlier in his life, Mike has a hard time engaging with the sensuous Phoebe, who reawakens many of the thoughts he has so desperately tried to submerge. Dede bonds with Neil and both of them receive what each other desperately needs as they learn to cope with their new realities.

Blumberg, who has had success with other ensemble comedies, including The Kids Are All Right and The Girl Next Door, has a knack for allowing each actor the appropriate space to emote and it serves them and him well in this enjoyable dramedy that shows that we all need to take one day at a time.

Grade: B+