Reel Reviews | John Wick: Chapter 2

By Monica Hayes

Baba Yaga, the man you send to kill the Boogeyman, the man, the myth, the Legend, John Wick: Chapter 2 is back. Fans of the series know there are two rules: 1. John Wick is not to be fucked with, and 2. No business is to be conducted on Continental grounds. When Rule #1 is broken, all hell breaks loose and once again, Wick is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. It appears that Keanu Reeves has found his niche and is here to stay!

John Wick: Chapter 2 is set a week after the first movie ends where we see Wick (Reeves) in his 1970 Chevelle SS hot on the heels of a motorcycle speeding through the streets to get the access card to get his precious 1969 Mustang Mach 1 Coupe back. Meanwhile, the crime boss who has his car is frantically trying to close up shop before Wick gets there but ultimately, he is unsuccessful. Wick gets his car back, races out, gets chased, he turns around, goes back to wrecking havoc, takes out half of the goons in the shop, and then after surviving being run over, stands back up and takes out the other half. Cooly, Wick walks up to the crime boss, pours a drink and says “peace” in Russian, and just like that, “The Boogeyman” is gone.

Apparently, Wick didn’t get the memo that he will never be able to go back to his life and retire in peace with his new dog. Hell, he single-handedly shut down an entire Russian Mafia Syndicate; he earned his peace and quiet right? NOT!! The quiet life only lasts a couple of hours until Santino arrives at his front door. Santino (Riccardo Scamarcio), a member of the Camorra Syndicate, is the reason Wick was able to get out, and now he his back to collect on his blood oath. He wants nothing to do with the marker and refuses to honor his debt. Naturally, Santino is not pleased and proceeds to make John honor his debt by blowing up his house. Damn, Wick just can’t catch a break! (Remember rule #1?)

Reluctantly, Wick is forced back into the game to complete Santino’s impossible mission so he can finally get out. This leads him through a journey to Italy where he prepares for his assignment by stopping by the Tailor for a new suit, and to the Sommelier for a tasting, but this is not a wine tasting. John goes about his day as if he were simply running errands for a dinner party, out in the open, hiding in plain sight. Once his task is completed, and a new bounty placed on his head, Wick’s night is just beginning.

The best parts of John Wick: Chapter 2 are the fight sequences. They are longer, more visual, and look like a well-choreographed dance that is pleasing to the eye and the senses. A perfect illustration is a fight between Wick and Cassian (Common). Normally, fight scenes are rushed or sped up to give it that visual effect, but not here. This fight is excellently choreographed and executed to where you saw each punch, kick, and takedown. In the end, John Wick: Chapter 2 lives up to its predecessor and delivers an amazing punch, takedown and two shots to the body and one to the head. Side note: the pencil makes an appearance.

Grade: B