Reel Reviews | Held Up

by Joe Barber

The less said about this piece of junk, the better. I’m certain Jamie Foxx and Nia Long are praying you’ll forget this movie exists. This is a comedy about a couple that breaks up when money saved for a house, is spent on a classic car.


Even if this was a real-life situation, it still isn’t funny! But, I digress, it’s a comedy. The situation seems ripe for laughs, as Foxx is stranded in a small Nevada town, trying to get to the Las Vegas airport before Long can take a plane home. He gets caught up in a hold-up at the gas station mini-mart and plenty things just go wrong from there. Unfortunately, the movie goes with it. Foxx’s comedic skills are totally wasted and Long is given absolutely nothing to do.

With the exception of the terrific work of two old pros, John Cullum and Barry Corbin (in small roles, and aren’t they glad) this movie has nothing going for it. Coming off Any Given Sunday and Boiler Room, this is a major misstep for both Foxx and Long. If you want to avoid feeling held up, avoid this movie! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Grade: F