Reel Reviews | Bowfinger

by Joe Barber

Eddie Murphy shows just how underrated an actor he is with his dual roles as the world’s biggest action star and his no-talent (but nice) look-alike in this very funny satire of the movie business.

Third-rate director Bobby Bowfinger (star & screenwriter Steve Martin) gets the chance to make his dream project but only if he can get Kit Ramsey (Murphy) to star. Ramsey turns him down cold, of course, and Bowfinger hits on a scheme. He’ll shoot the movie anyway, with actors coming up to Ramsey and reading their lines but Ramsey will be unaware he’s being filmed.

For close-ups, Bowfinger employs a look-alike, (also Murphy) who turns out to be Ramsey’s brother. A hilarious jab at the film business, Bowfinger is very well acted, with Murphy doing a great job in both roles and making fun of his own alleged off-screen persona. Bowfinger is real, big fun.