Reel Reviews | Nowhere

By Charles Kirkland Jr.

 A pregnant woman escaping a brutal regime with her husband finds herself alone in a shipping container in the middle of the ocean in Netflix’s Nowhere.

A very pregnant Mia and her husband have decided to take drastic measures to escape the government that seems to be rounding up all children and pregnant mothers by allowing them to be smuggled out of the country in a shipping container.  After a series of extremely unfortunate events, Mia not only finds herself separated from Nico but all alone locked in the container.  Things go from bad to worse when a violent storm arises and her container falls off of the boat and Mia finds herself floating alone in the middle of the ocean.

Nowhere is a thriller written by Indiana Lista, Miguel Ruz, and Ernest Riera.  It stars Anna Castillo with Tamar Novas. The film is directed by Albert Pintó who last directed the international groundbreaking hit series Money Heist.

The film is basically a showcase for the acting talents of Anna Castillo.  She handles the responsibility excellently.  She runs the emotional gamut from fear and insecurity to rage to rugged determination.  At no point in the film is anything that Mia undergoes seem improbable or incoherent.  Castillo plays the role entirely believable even though at one point in the movie, her efforts seem superheroic.

Director Pintó flexes his prowess in creating an almost undefeatable foe out of a shipping container in the ocean.  It is a super adventure ride to see Mia impossibly overcome the limitations of the container which is steadily taking on water.  It is just as tragic to see her fail. The film is just as compelling as all the episodes of Money Heist.

Rated TV-MA for scenes of nudity, profanity, and frightening and intense scenes, Nowhere is an action-packed, adventure thriller about facing your fears and overcoming the worst situations one could possibly imagine. 

Nowhere is streaming on Netflix.

Grade: B