Power (Recap) | You’re the Only Person I Can Trust (S2 E4)

by Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic

Things just got very real, ladies and gentleman.

Power Season 2 Episode 4 could be considered filler, one of those middle of the season hours that kind of just puts things in motion for the rest of the season. What Power does so brilliantly, though, is take a rather conservative outing and still make it feel like you’re on a rollercoaster.

That’s a testament to the writers and the actors, who always bring their A game. This was no exception, and while there was nothing quite as riveting as the scene between Ghost and Angela in Power Season 2 Episode 3, there were a lot of great character beats that are continuing to push this series into legendary territory.

We’ve seen Ghost be everything from a doting dad, to a shrewd businessman, to a ruthless killer and back again over the past 12 episodes. He really does have to take on the persona of three different “characters” and it feels like that pressure is really starting to get to him.

As Ghost, he’s trying to figure out how to move his product and get the money flowing back through the club. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that with him losing the club, they were no longer able to use it to launder money. And with so much extra product right now, they need the club badly.

So with Stern and Kantos being as unhelpful as possible, he had to take things into his own hands and start taking money from his drug dealings. There is no way this doesn’t seriously come back to bite him later.

All aspects of the club require Ghost to be James, the attractive, smart and calculating man that has impressed pretty much everyone he’s ever met. He was oozing charisma, but he had to sprinkle in some Ghost to really get the job done.

Then we have Jamie. Poor, poor Jamie. He’s just a guy head over heels in love with the wrong girl.

Jamie thinks with his his heart and not with his head most of the time. And doesn’t it seem like he’s not giving this whole Angela-thinks-Tommy-is-Ghost thing enough thought? He has a lot on his plate, whether he’s in Ghost, James or Jamie mode, but you’re girlfriend is very close to bringing down your whole world, Ghost! Shouldn’t you be more concerned?

Now to be fair, Ghost is dealing with Tasha, Kanan and Tommy, and trying to keep up with those three is like a full time job.

It’s about damn time Tasha put her foot down with Ghost; it just couldn’t have come at a worse time. Ghost isn’t an idiot, and I’m glad the writers stayed true to his character and had him piece together that Kanan is the real threat rather quickly.

I don’t care how smart Kanan thinks he is, I’ll put my money on Ghost every time. When he absorbs himself in Ghost only, he’s smarter than everyone.

I can’t say I’m not getting a little worried about all the progress Angela is making on bringing Tommy down. She’s on a major hot streak right now, and you have to believe she is going to get derailed at some point. Things are just going way too well for her professionally.

And Tommy isn’t going to actually go to jail, right?

So many questions, people. And only six more episodes left this season to answer them.

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