Power (Recap) | Why Her? (S2 E6)

by Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic

There was an eeriness that just lingered throughout those sixty minutes, wasn’t there?

I felt like I was watching a horror movie for the first time, my body tensed and my heart just waiting for something to shock me. That same sense of paranoia surrounded me during Power Season 2 Episode 6, as it just felt like something bad was about to happen.

It wasn’t a death that eventually scared me, though, it was the episode’s ending, which saw the full on deterioration of my favorite character. Thinking about the rage and anger in Tommy’s voice as he yelled for Holly is going to give me nightmares.

I’ve disliked Holly from the start. To me, she was always a liability. She was the prototypical dumb girlfriend who ended up getting the main character killed at the end.

From stealing Tasha’s earrings and name dropping Ghost like they were old buddies, it was clear she was going to be a problem. Ghost knew it. Tasha knew it. And Tommy secretly knew it, as well.

It didn’t make that final scene any less chilling though.

Who do you choose? Ghost or me?

Ghost! The answer is always going to be Ghost. She was obviously fooled by the non-romantic proposal Tommy bestowed upon her into thinking that she could possibly compete with Ghost. But she can’t.

It’s kind of sad if you think about it, because does anyone think that Ghost would chose Tommy over Angela? Or Tasha?

Speaking of that triangle, they all came face to face tonight. and it was as awkward as you can imagine. I was with Tasha when she noted the looks on Ghost and Angela’s faces when they saw each other. Even with Tasha standing there plain as day, they couldn’t keep the affection off their faces.

Ghost can keep telling himself that he’s sticking around to get more information and Angela can do the same, but it’s been obvious since they bumped into each other in the club that there was love there.

When Angela showed up at his hotel, I truly thought for a second she was going to spill the beans that Holly told her about Ghost. I guess in hindsight that was a silly thought, because it’s way too soon to pull that card out. Their scene was still chock-full of amazing tension and restraint by the actors.

Lela Loren has truly been a revelation this season, and the look on her face as she struggled with her attraction and her fear was wonderful. She’s always going to give in, just as he is.

The scene between Ghost and Tasha was great for a number of reasons too, but the revelations were particularly telling. Tasha is smart, and she made a very big sacrifice by basically pimping out her husband for the good of her family. If Ghost goes down, she goes down, and then what becomes of her kids? She’s not willing to find out.

I’m glad Ghost was finally honest with her. because she deserved to know. I understand why he hasn’t told Tommy; he who giggles when a rat is placed into a burlap sac on someone’s head. But Tasha deserved to know, because who do they always come after in cases like these? The wife.

With Ghost out handling his business, it was good to see Tasha handle her business with Shawn. Shawn is kind of ho-hum as far as characters go, but I like him a lot more when he’s around Tasha. Maybe these two crazy kids can make it work!

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