Power (Recap) | Whoever He Is (S1 E2)

by Meredith Seay | via UrbanMecca

On Saturday, Starz aired the second episode of it’s original drama “Power,” starring Omari Hardwick. In the episode titled “Whoever He Is,” Ghost and Tommy find themselves taking action to send a message to whoever is attacking their drug organization.

On the previous episode of “Power,” we’re introduced to drug pin James “Ghost” St. Patrick, who also owns an elite nightclub “Truth,” which he uses to launder dirty money. If you missed it, we have a detailed recap for you right here.

In the latest episode, Ghost and Tommy are responding to the recent threats on their growing business. One courier was hit and manages to escape with the product, but not without a disfiguring wound to her face and one of the two attackers left for dead. The next night another courier is targeted by the attacker that got away, even after taking precautions to avoid another incident.

After both attacks and identifying the dead man as a member of Miami gang, Ghost and Tommy both know that they have to make a statement to their enemies that they are not to be messed with. In order to make that statement, the partners decide to cut the corpse into several pieces, sending various parts to other crews in their drug circle.

In the midst of the street drama, Ghost has made a major step forward with his night club by making a deal with Vogue magazine to hold a function at Truth. Thinking about the potential growth of the magazine and clearly wanting to leave the illegal life behind, Ghost gets careless by almost taking a photo for a newspaper. Luckily, Tommy stops his partner from making a mistake that could have been epic.

The rift between Ghost and Tommy is becoming more and more evident. While Ghost has dreams of leaving the street life behind and making the club his priority because it is the legit business, Tommy is set on remaining a gangster. He wants their drug business to take precedence over everything else. Tommy realizes that Ghost is losing the intensity he once had at a very crucial time. The tension between the partners in crime continues to grow.

Once again, Ghost needs an escape from his dueling lifestyles. Still high off of his time with childhood friend Angela, he spends another day with her. The two reminisce about childhood memories as they both find happiness in the time they are spending together.

Unfortunately, everyone isn’t as happy as Ghost and Angela are about their reunion. Tasha is still upset about witnessing the initial encounter between her husband and Angela. She brings it up, but Ghost downplays the incident. . .

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