Power (Recap) | This Is Real (S1 E3)

by Meredith Seay | via UrbanMecca

The latest episode of “Power,” titled “This Is Real” finds Ghost dealing with more trouble in both his legal and illegal businesses.

On the previous episode, Ghost and Tommy found themselves taking action to send a message to whoever is attacking their drug organization. They sent a very clear message that they are not to be messed with by dismembering the corpse of a man killed by their men and sending various parts of the body to other drug dealers in their circle. If you missed it, we have a detailed recap for you right here.

In the latest episode, Ghost and his team are still recovering from the recent hits they have been subjected to by an unknown enemy. Two of Ghost’s men load up a van with the new product, but as soon as they prepare to pull off, a truck cuts them off. A man jumps out, pulls a gun on them and attempts to pull off a hit. Just when things could have gotten really bad, Tommy swoops in to save the day by sneaking up on the hit man, pulling a gun on him and stopping anything from happening.

Tommy and the crew take the hit man to the warehouse and torture him by setting fire to various parts of his body until he talks. They get him to talk and he confesses that a girl sent him on the failed mission. Turns out it is the same girl involved in the hit that left one of Tommy and Ghost’s courier’s with a disfigured face. He further implicates that her boss is Anibel Santises, a dealer in their circle.

Both Ghost and Tommy catch up to Anibel, who pleads his innocence and says he was set-up. Tommy is not buying it and wants him dead on sight. Ghost is unsure if he is being honest or not, and opts not to kill him just yet. He wants to further question the man that implicated Anibel as the conspirator, but thanks to Tommy’s torture technique, he’s already dead and unable to give them any information. Ghost is not pleased. His next move is to call for a meeting between everyone in their circle.

Angie and her team are also on the trail to Anibel. She finds out from Nomar, her street connection, that there will be a meeting between the city’s dealers. She is waiting to find out when and where so she can get closer to catching the New York distributor of high-ranking drug trafficker, Lobos. She still is not aware that the man she is looking for is Ghost.

Meanwhile, Ghost is also dealing with issues at Truth. A young woman nearly dies at his establishment after buying bad cocaine from a patron. Knowing that a girl nearly dying could equal very bad press for his thriving club, he sets out to make things right with the victim and finds the man responsible for the incident.

Once again, Ghost leans on Angie to help save the day. He consults with her to find out what he should do to avoid a lawsuit. She encourages him to visit the victim for damage control. She also says things would be much easier if he found the man who sold the victim drugs, and cooperate with police to prosecute him. Ghost is reluctant to have any involvement with the police, but the last thing he needs is the police sniffing around his club. . .

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