Power (Recap) | Second Chances (S5 E4)

by Derek Lawrence | via Entertainment Weekly

“Do you two know what you want?”

This was a rough week for a lot of our Power players. I seriously considered temporarily renaming this week’s recap, “The anti-power Power rankings.” Other than Kanan, basically everyone had to face an obstacle or seven (sorry, Tommy). But looking at the glass half-full, many also had at least one positive. Like if you’re Ghost, yes, you lost your wife and your enemy is now your business partner, but at least Angela finally called you back!

Let’s fully dive into “Second Chances,” so strap in and strap up, because this is where it goes down.

1. Kanan
Life continues to be good for Kanan. He’s impressively weaseled his way back into the good graces of Ghost and Tommy, whom he saves here from a drive-by. To be fair, he did orchestrate the drive-by in furtherance of his attempts to take over Tommy’s business. And judging by his sit-down with a thankful Vincent, the plan couldn’t be going any better. The only problem is that if Kanan does unseat Tommy, he probably won’t have any employees since he kills them all.

2. Dre
Nice bounce back for Dre, who had fallen to No. 10 in last week’s rankings. But getting hit on by my your sexy cartel boss, narrowly escaping arrest (how did the feds just let his car keep going?), and getting recruited by Tate for some “lit” philanthropy will do that. I know he’s become the new big bad, but you’ve got to respect how Dre operates. Well, besides trying to kill Tommy and Ghost. I cannot respect that.

3. Tate
This guy is playing with fire. Sometimes I think he forgets who he’s dealing with. Like he’s a smart fella; he knows about Ghost’s other business, and not only does he still get into business with him, he’s constantly talking back (and down) to him. I would never do that to a guy whose street name is Ghost. And now he’s gone and replaced Ghost with his sworn enemy. He really is asking to be the next Jeff.

4. Tasha
“I want out.” And out she is. Tasha finally reaches her breaking point in her marriage and decides to leave Ghost for good. And I can’t say I blame her considering what a dick he was being in this episode. But Ghost’s loss is Terry’s gain. “You’re not in danger… anymore,” he declares, predicting that Ghost and Proctor are probably going down soon.

5. Teresi
Speaking of going down, Teresi is out and pressing hard to get some dirt to send his son to prison (I just called my dad to thank him for never doing that to me). He’s actually pressing a little too hard, to the point where he’s coming off suspicious — at least to everyone but Tommy, who is so excited to have a daddy that he’s missing what is right in front of him.

6. Angela
About 30 minutes into this episode I was prepared to have Angela in the top spot. But things turned very quickly for our girl. Literally right as she brings in Diego and Alicia, Steve shows up. Why you ask? To take her to a victory dinner? Nope, to release them. And as if that isn’t bad enough, Angela might soon be taking their place as Blanca is putting more and more pieces together in her own investigation. Talk about a rough day. But you know what the perfect cure is? A late-night diner meet up with your drug kingpin ex!

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