Power (Recap) | No Friends on the Street (S2 E2)

Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic

Looks like the Power Gods heeded my prayers and gave Angela a victory!

It’s just a shame that victory came at the expense of our favorite neighborhood drug dealer, Tommy. And hey, Tommy, if you’re listening, perhaps you can take “Christmas” out of your everyday vernacular. Just a thought.

Besides Angela zeroing in on Tommy, there was also a lot of Simon Stern drama on Power Season 2 Episode 2. And Kanan finally reunited with his old friends. Sounds like a lot went down, right? That’s an understatement.

Things were definitely ramped up this week and there were a ton of moving parts. At times last season, Angela’s work arc was hard to invest in because as an audience we knew so much more than she knew and it got frustrating to witness her shortcomings. She still hasn’t assembled the whole puzzle, but figuring out that Tommy is a piece of that puzzle was a great moment.

How she got to this moment wasn’t so great. Does anyone ever feel bad for Greg? Poor guy is still so in love with Angela and she is just using him at every turn.

So, now that Angela has identified Tommy as “Ghost”, what’s her next step? She’s still off the task force, so is she going to continue with her independent investigation? Or will she bring the news to that hottie Sandoval?

It looks like those decisions are going to have to wait though, since she’s off to Miami with the real Ghost. These two, man. Like I said in my Power Season 2 Episode 1 review, I truly believe these two love one another, even now that Ghost knows the truth.

It’s easy to love someone when you only see them an hour a day.

When Ghost was watching Angela talk to Greg, I interpreted his reaction as more jealously than anger. He never wanted to believe that she was out to get him from the beginning and when he dug through her apartment and found the files on Nomar, he convinced himself (and Tommy) that she knew nothing about their operation.

These two are so doomed, but dammit if their chemistry doesn’t make you believe that they may just have a fighting chance.

Elsewhere, Kanan showed up at the St. James casa and let everyone know he was back from jail. 50 Cent is having a hell of time playing Kanan and even though I’m programmed to hate him, I can’t help but enjoy his scenes.

It was interesting to see both Ghost and Tommy’s reactions to Kanan’s arrival. While happy, Ghost was, as usual, the more practical of the two. He still has no clue about Kanan’s duplicity, but he does see a man who’s been away for a long time and knows he can’t possibly be the exact same person.

Tommy just sees Kanan and doesn’t for a second think twice about accepting him back into the fold. It’ll be interesting to see how this dynamic works in the future. Ghost and Tommy are brothers, but while Kanan’s presence drive them apart?

If Kanan doesn’t do it, Holly sure will. Okay, so I have to ask you avid Power watchers out there: do you like Holly? I was indifferent earlier in season 1, until I realized that she was sticking around. That’s when she really began to grate on me. And the way she talked to Ghost in last season’s finale? Absolutely not.

The more Tommy brings her into the fold, the worse things will get for everyone. I don’t doubt that she loves Tommy, but she can’t be trusted. Ghost, Tommy and Tasha have been a unit for years and you can’t bring a newbie in so quickly. Mark my words, she’s going to cause major trouble down the line.

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