Power (Recap) | Ghost Is Dead (S2 E10)

by Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic

Where do we go from here?

I know I gush about this show each week, but I really can’t help myself. It’s just that good. While the first season was good, not necessarily great, Power Season 2 has taken things to a whole other level. A Saturday night show you catch if you happen to be home has completely transformed itself into must-see television.

Going into Power Season 2 Episode 10, we were all speculating where things would wind up. Would Angela go through with bringing Ghost down? Would Ghost and Tommy finally bring Kanan down? Things where pretty much going as I suspected through much of the beginning, until multiple curveballs were thrown our way, and now we’re left wondering, what the hell happens next?

If you divide this episode into thirds, the first part was kind of the calm before the storm. Angela was sad and moping around her apartment, trying to rid herself of all the gifts and mementos she had with Ghost, while Tasha and Tommy were discussing Ghost’s loyalty.

Elsewhere, Ghost met with Proctor and mentioned for the hundredth time his desire to go legit. We’ve heard it so many times before, I didn’t think much of it, although my ears did perk up when Proctor told Ghost what it would take to really leave the “business” behind.

“You’re right, you are good. But you don’t have eyes in the back of your head. You want out, you want to walk away clean. You’ve gotta cut ties with everyone that knows who you are.” – Proctor [to Ghost]

Ghost has always been willing to do whatever he had to do to protect what’s his, but how could he rid himself of everyone who knew who he was? Besides leaving town, what options did he have? This should of been the moment when I put it all together, but I must admit, I was just too invested in viewing at that point.

As Drifty and the Serb got shot, it didn’t cross my mind that Ghost could of been behind it. That didn’t cross my mind until much later.

The calm part also included a conversation between Ghost and Tommy that foreshadowed where this pair would end up.

The bromance between these two has long been cooled and the main issue is their complete and utter lack of communication and trust. Neither one of them has been truthful for a long time. If the blame has to be placed on anyone, it more so falls on Ghost.

Ever since Angela (it all comes back to her) came back on the scene, she has been his number one priority. Not Tasha, not the business, not Tommy. He has sacrificed all the major relationships in his life for her and a Ghost/Angela pairing, means a Ghost/Tommy pairing can never be. Excuse me while I wipe my tears.

“Tommy, I burned Angela to get you out of jail. What else I gotta do to prove my loyalty to you? You know what she meant to me. It’s you and me, Tommy. Just like it’s always been.”

That may be true Ghost, but your continuous lies have made you one deceptive man. Simply put, how can ANYONE trust you at this point?

I may hate Kanan (and I do), but damn if he doesn’t speak the truth. As he filled Tommy in on all the things Ghost has done, you could almost understand why it was so apparent to him that Ghost had to go.

The stormy part of the episode began with Tasha and Ghost’s tense conversation at Truth and ended with the inevitable Ghost/Kanan showdown.

That fight was something else, huh? But I have to say, it seems awfully easy on this show for people to knock guns out of their faces. And Ghost legitimately got his butt kicked the entire time! Lucky for him, there was some spare broken glass around just when he needed it.

R.I.P. Kanan. You were the WORST, and I’m fairly certain no one is going to miss the way….HOLY CRAP. Never mind.

Why would you not make sure Kanan was dead??? All you did was stab him in the side once and that was supposed to kill him instantly? You shot the Serb 27 times just to be safe! Jeez, Ghost! Rookie mistake!

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