Power (Recap) | A Changed Man (S5 E6)

by Derek Lawrence | via Entertainment Weekly

Power makes people do some crazy s—.”

Amen, Cristobal. The whole series really could be summed up in that line. And maybe the craziest s— of all happens in “A Changed Man?”: Ghost attempts to make amends with the people in his life — even Dre. Crazy, right?

While Ghost was on his redemption tour, many of the characters faced challenging obstacles, Ghost included. It was actually hard to find someone who came up smelling like roses other than Saxe, Mak, a fast food empire, and Entourage.

So strap in and strap up, because this is where it goes down.

1. Saxe and Mak
Victory is so close for this smug duo that they can taste it. It seems like proving that Angela is dirty has been the sole driving force for Saxe and Mak, and they now have the evidence they need (I’m a little unclear how they got it, but, hey, they got it). Oh, and is Mak an even bigger dick than Saxe now? He was straight up nasty to Proctor’s ex. Maybe he’s always been a jerk and I’ve just been blinded by my love of Han from Fast & Furious.

2. McDonald’s
“Why mess with greatness?” McDonald’s can’t ask for more than that endorsement from America’s favorite drug dealing, murdering food lover.

3. Proctor’s ex
Forty-five days sober and strong enough to reject Proctor’s bonus alimony payment? Good for you, Lindsey!

4. Entourage
My theory of Power secretly being a Turtle spinoff only gained steam this week thanks to the introduction of Proctor’s criminal cousin Benny, who looks a lot like Turtle’s criminal childhood friend Dom. I’m so ready for the Power bottle episode where Proctor goes to L.A. to defend a certain A-list movie star.

5. Tariq
New business alert! While Tariq is avoiding his father, he goes on a violent joy ride with his street father figure, Kanan, leading him to start selling pills at school. Man, just when I thought this kid was becoming a man. Well, I guess he’s becoming a man kind of in the same way that Ghost did.

6. Teresi
New business alert, part 2! After Teresi panics thinking that Ghost and Tommy could be onto him, he decides to take his snitching to entrapment levels. Knowing his son is in desperate need of a new network, Teresi convinces Tommy that they can smuggle drugs into the prison through ramen packets. Someone is going to be in the running for Anti-Father of the Year!

7. Dre
Congrats Dre on finally finishing in the middle of the Power power rankings. The turncoat has basically always been top 2 or bottom 2, so it’s good to see him even out a bit. Dre was originally going to be higher (maybe McDonald’s high), considering he appears to make peace with Ghost and solve his Diego problem. But he also seems super paranoid when it comes to Cristobal — and that’s probably going to be that much worse after he sacrificed his translator.

8. Ghost
The episode title asks if Ghost is a changed man after last week’s meltdown and subsequent sit-down with Reverend Macedon. Well, if we’re going off just this episode, then I’d say he is. Ghost spends the episode handing out apologies like it’s his job, making amends with Tasha, Angela, Tommy, and, most surprising, Dre. And while not all of them accept, he’s got bigger problems, like an IRS audit and the feds closing in on Angela. But at least he’ll get a solid few months with Angela before she’s the one locked up.

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