Nolan NOT in the League!


For those who listen to the BIG show (Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon) or read this site, you know our affinity for writer/director Christopher Nolan. According to the President of Warner Bros., Nolan will NOT be overseeing the upcoming Justice League franchise.

Back in 2005, Nolan changed the landscape for superhero comic films when he along with his brother Johnathan and David Goyer begin working on the Batman trilogy producing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. In addition, he is executive producing the upcoming Superman re-boot, Man of Steel. Earlier this year, it was reported that not only would Nolan come back to shepherd the Justice League project but he would be bringing back the Batman, Christian Bale with him.

Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov has come out and refuted that rumor stating emphatically that it’s not true. When asked if it was true that Nolan would be bringing the project to life with his former Batman Christian Bale, he left no room for interpretation and simply said “No, it’s not.”

Christopher Nolan’s representatives also confirmed that Nolan was never involved with the project and is working solely on his upcoming film Interstellar.

Man of Steel producer Chris Roven knows how much fans were looking forward to Nolan’s return. “We know you were really looking forward to this, but take heart that it would appear the film is still on track to eventually get made. . . the upcoming Superman reboot will pave the way for future films.”

Roven continues, “It’s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward, In that, Man of Steel is definitely a first step. Nolan’s Dark Knight series was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world the films lived in was very isolated, without any knowledge of other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14 while Justice League is rumored to be targeting a summer 2015 release date.