MIB 4 in Development


Just when Will Smith thought he was out, apparently Sony Pictures had other plans. Following tremendous box-office numbers for Men In Black 3, they’ve begun development on a fourth installment of the popular sci-fi franchise.

MIB3 made $624 million worldwide last year and the studio has hired Oren Uziel to script a fourth adventure in the comedic sci-fi series. In addition to MIB 4, Uziel will also perform rewrite duties on 21 Jump Street 2.

Uziel, who has previously written for the webseries Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, is also known for his upcoming horror comedy screenplay, The Kitchen Sink. That film features a human, a vampire and a zombie teaming up to prevent an alien invasion.

While there plans to continue the franchise, no word has been heard from the principles, Barry Sonnenfeld who has directed all three entries in the Men in Black franchise as well as stars Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agents J and K, respectively.

Last year, Smith was asked his thoughts on returning for a fourth film.

“We’ll have to see what people say,” Smith said. “If there’s a good reaction to this movie, it’s not something I would be against. Hopefullly we’re not going to keep the same pattern. It was five years between the first and second and ten years between the second and third. That would be twenty years. I’ll be 63 years old. It’s just not a good look.”