First Look | Nymphomaniac


The first poster of Danish screenwriter/director Lars Von Trier’s upcoming film, Nymphomaniac has been posted online. The image from his upcoming epic continues Von Trier’s practice using sexually explicit images to titillate and reinforce his film’s messages.

Sex and religion are central themes in Von Trier’s tale. The porn-inspired images features the film’s all-star cast in various compromising positions. Highlights include star Charlotte Gainsbourg, the self-diagnosed Nymphomaniac of the film’s title, sitting on a chair with legs akimbo as an intense Christian Slater kneels before her.

The shot also features a shirtless Shia LaBeouf and Willem Dafoe with a compromising trouser stain. In the center of the picture stands Uma Thurman in a domina pose with her leg astride a table underneath which Udo Kier lies, looking up with apparent fear and awe.

In the background stands director von Trier with a digital camera and a gag of duct tape across his mouth — a cheeky reference to his controversial Nazi comments in Cannes two years ago that provoked the festival to brand the Danish auteur a persona non grata.

In addition to evoking scenes from porno films, the image has the visual style of a religious painting from the High Renaissance. Von Trier has said repeatedly that religion is a key theme in the film, particularly the difference between the sexually repressive Catholic church and the more sensual Eastern Orthodox tradition.

Nymphomaniac will be distributed by Magnolia Pictures and is planned as two full-length features – is still in post-production and is scheduled for releases on December 25.