FilmFest DC ’17 | Festival Winners

The 31st Annual FilmFest DC has officially come to a close and this year’s edition featured a bevy of tantalizing choices.

And the Winners Are . . .

Audience Awards
The winners and the runners-up are:

Best Documentary
Last Men in Aleppo (Denmark, Syria) directed by Feras Fayyad, co-directed by Steen Johannessen
Backpack Full of Cash (USA) directed by Sarah Mondale
House on Coco Road (USA, Grenada) directed by Damani Baker
Two Trains Runnin’ (USA) directed by Sam Pollard
Obit (USA) directed by Vanessa Gould

Best Feature
At the End of the Tunnel (Argentina, Spain) directed by Rodrigo Grande
The Patriarch (New Zealand) directed by Lee Tamahori
The King’s Choice (Norway) directed by Erik Poppe
Train to Busan (South Korea) directed by Yeon Sang-ho
Hang in There, Kids! (Taiwan) directed by Laha Mebow

Circle Award
The Preacher (Egypt) directed by Magdy Ahmed Ali
Special Jury Award: A Window to Rosália (Brazil, Argentina) directed by Caroline Leone

Justice Matters Awards
150 Milligrams (France) directed by Emmanuelle Bercot
Honorable Mention: The Good Postman (Finland, Bulgaria) directed by Tonislav Hristov

First Feature Awards
Behind the Clouds (Belgium) directed by Cecilia Verheyden

Signis Award
The Net (South Korea) directed by Kim Ki-duk

Short Film Awards
The Law of Averages (Canada, USA) directed by Elizabeth Rose

New Form
Visions of an Island (USA) directed by Sky Hopinka