Eye Candy | Joséphine de La Baume


As the old saying goes, we may not be able to describe sexy to you but we definitely know it when we see it. French actress/singer/model Joséphine de La Baume has it in spades in her upcoming film, Kiss of the Damned.

The 28-year old La Baume stars as Djuna a vampire in the gothic romantic film that is nostalgic of classic vampire themes from the 1970s. Acting since 2003, La Baume currently is the face of Agent Provocateur, the luxury lingerie label from the UK.

“Josephine de la Baume is the ultimate Agent Provocateur woman: witty, gorgeous and confident,” says Sarah Shotton, the company’s creative director. “She is a natural femme fatale, a quality which effortlessly translates on screen . . . Josephine oozes sex.”

She absolutely does!!!

Kiss of the Damned opens in theaters on May 3.

Check out the red band trailer and some pictures of the best French gift to America since the Statue of Liberty, below: