Conversations | Mandy Moore & Édgar Ramírez

by Tim Gordon

On the latest episode of Conversations, Dr. Death, Season 2 co-stars Mandy Moore & Édgar Ramírez discuss bringing their characters to life in this riveting mini-series.

Based on the podcast of the same name, “Dr. Death” follows the real-life stories of medical “professionals” who took advantage of their situations and allowed their egos to harm – or even kill – patients. While each season covers the personal lives and atrocities committed by the doctors, they also tell the stories of the courageous people who brought them to justice. More importantly, they also expose the educational and medical institutional failures that allowed these people to practice medicine in the first place.

Season 2 of the series will dramatize the story of convicted Swiss-Italian surgeon and medical researcher Paolo Macchiarini. The series stars Édgar Ramírez as Paolo Macchiarini, Mandy Moore as Benita Alexander, as well as Rita Volk, Judy Reyes, Jack Davenport, Annika Boras, and Sandra Andreis.

Check out the Conversation, below: