Conversations | Everett Downing Jr. & Patrick Harpin

by Tim Gordon

On the latest episode of Conversations, we sit down with the show’s creators, Everett Downing, Jr. and Patrick Harpin to discuss the origin of the show as well as their inspiration for the creation of the series.

Academy Award®-winning director Everett Downing Jr. (‘Hair Love‘) and story artist/writer Patrick Harpin recently joined forces to create and exec produce ‘My Dad the Bounty Hunter‘, a new animated action-comedy Netflix series.

The show tells the story of siblings Lisa and Sean, who, feeling neglected by their dad, stow away on his latest work trip, hoping to finally get some quality time together. They quickly learn of his secret double life as an intergalactic bounty hunter and are thrust into a series of adventures exciting and perilous.

Check out the conversation, below: