Conversations | Cord Jefferson

by Tim Gordon

On the latest episode of Conversations, writer/director Cord Jefferson sits down with TheFilmGordon to discuss his directorial debut, American Fiction.

Jefferson talks about why he embraced the story, the psychology of the perception of Black films, and working with the uber-talented Jeffrey Wright.

American Fiction is a comedy-drama written and directed by Jefferson and is based on the 2001 novel Erasure by Percival Everett. The film follows a frustrated novelist-professor who jokingly writes an outlandishly stereotypical “Black” book out of spite, only for the book to be published and receive widespread fame and acclaim. American Fiction stars Jeffrey Wright, Tracee Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, Sterling K. Brown, John Ortiz, Erika Alexander, Leslie Uggams, Adam Brody, and Keith David. Everett is also an executive producer on the film alongside Rian Johnson.

Check out the Conversation, below: