The Get Down (Recap) | You Have Wings, Learn to Fly (S1 E5)

by Chancellor Agard | via Entertainment Weekly

One of the reasons The Get Down is such an enjoyable show is that it improves with each episode.

“You Have Wings, Learn to Fly” is definitely the best episode so far. It flows smoothly through its story, and keeps the archival footage to a minimum and the show’s frenetic energy in check.

The episode picks up right where we left off, with Jackie pounding away at the piano and The Get Down Brothers in the belly of the beast that is DJ Herc’s show. Jackie confesses he hasn’t come up with anything, but a confrontation between Ramon and Francisco sparks an idea and he pitches having Mylene sing a disco version of a hymn. It’s truly an inspired idea that saves him from having to face Francisco’s wrath.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Zeke and Shao unmask the bootlegger to DJ Kool Herc, which convinces Herc not to have his men beat them up. Recognizing the rivalry between the Notorious Three and The Get Down Brothers, DJ Herc says the two crews will settle their beef with a battle in two weeks. Once they return to the Bronx, Shao pays Flash a visit and Flash gives him permission to compete in the battle, but warns him he’ll never be able to spin again if he loses.

Because of the trip to Brooklyn, Zeke misses his appointment with Mr. Gunns about the internship. Obviously, his aunt and Ms. Green are very disappointed in him. Zeke tells them he would rather be a rapper than do the internship. That sets Ms. Green off and she delivers a powerful speech to help him recognize the opportunities he currently has in front of him. Basically, she tells him he doesn’t have to pretend to not be smart just to keep his street cred. The speech works, and he heads back downtown and uses his talent with words to convince Mr. Gunns to give him another shot.

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