Reel Reviews | The Brothers Sun

by Tim Gordon

On the latest episode of Reel Reviews, panic sets in when the head of a Taiwanese triad is shot by an assassin, and his eldest son, Charles `Chairleg’ Sun, heads to Los Angeles to protect his mother and brother, who’s been completely sheltered from the truth of his family until now in The Brothers Sun.

The life of average Californian Bruce Sun is turned upside down when his older brother, Charles Sun visits Los Angeles, California from Taipei, Taiwan. Having no recollection of his past in Taipei, Bruce would soon learn about his family’s profession as Taipei’s most renowned gangsters, with his brother being a hardened criminal raised by his late crime boss father. After an attempted assassination of his father, Charles had to move to LA to keep his family safe. Additionally, Bruce would find out that his mother moved with him to California to build a life away from her estranged family. His mother’s effort proved to be futile as now Bruce has to adapt to the gangster life of his family.

The eight-episodic series stars Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, Sam Song Li, Joon Lee, and Highdee Kuan, and it is featured on Netflix now.

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