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Danger (and Disappointment) is Very Real!

Will and Jaden Smith team up for their second film together in the disappointing futuristic sci-fi adventure, After Earth.

In 2025, humanity decides to abandon Earth after numerous cataclysmic events. Human society is re-established on a habitable exo-planet known as Nova Prime outside of our Solar System. Meanwhile, the creatures of Earth continue to evolve, apparently without any human interaction.

Set in the year 3000, a thousand years later, after humanity’s resettlement, a peacekeeping organization known as the Ranger Corps is trained by a wise but stern General named Cypher Raige. Under his command is a young recruit named Kitai, a rebellious teenager with a knack for mischief. He is also Cypher’s son, and the father is frustrated at what he sees to be a lack of discipline. Cypher’s wife, Faia, urges him to see their son’s behavior as a longing for his father’s love and a plea for attention. At her behest, Cypher takes Kitai on a routine mission to relocate a dangerous predator known as the Ursa. Years earlier, Kitai witnessed one of these beast brutally kill his older sister as she fought it to protect him.

The ship is damaged in an asteroid field and hyper jumps blindly which brings them near Earth. The ship while trying to land crashes killing the entire crew except for Cypher and Kitai. Cypher, who was seriously injured in the accident must now rely on Kitai to save them both by embarking on a perilous journey across uncharted terrain to retrieve an emergency beacon to signal for help. Dangerous animal species now dominate the planet, as well as the aforementioned Ursa that escaped during the crash.

Grade: C-

Stars: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Sophie Okenedo and Zoe Kravitz

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  1. this movie was definitely on the bland side for me; i have to agree with your grade of C, though i probably would not add the minus.

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