Power (Recap) | You Can’t Fix This (S4 E10)

by Georgette Pierre | via Entertainment Weekly

Power‘s season 4 finale picks up right after the shooting that rocked us all at the end of the last episode. Tariq, Ghost, and Tasha are in the police office, where Tariq is recounting the events that led to his sister’s death. The detective questioning Tariq reveals that prints for a size 10.5 boot were found on the scene. As the detective keeps pushing for more information, Tariq starts crying, claiming he’s told the cops everything he knows. We all know Tariq is lying.

Tommy is on his way with Sammy to meet the rest of his family when Kanan pulls up with dead bodies in his trunk and asks Tommy for an explanation. Kanan thinks Tommy sent the guys to get him, but Tommy didn’t even know Kanan was still in town, and anyway, Kanan looked out for Tariq, so Tommy hasn’t got any issues with him. Tommy explains that the dead bodies in the trunk were Cristobal’s guys and that he had nothing to do with it. When Kanan hears Dre’s name, he starts to figure it out: Dre knew he was coming back. Tommy is starting to realize that Dre messed with his head. It looks like Dre is next on the hit list after they find Raina’s killer.

Ghost, Tariq, and Tasha head home while Tasha tries to get through to Tariq. “I know I have told you not to talk about our family with anyone,” she says, “but if you saw something last night that you were scared to tell the cops, you have to tell us. You have to.” Tariq still keeps insisting he’s told her everything. Tasha knows Tariq is lying, but Ghost believes his son; he thinks it was a professional hit from the Jimenez that killed Raina.

Tasha is furious at the idea that this could have been Ghost’s fault. “What happened to going clean?!” she asks. Ghost tries to calm her down and vows he’s going to “be the one to end this,” but as Tasha reminds her husband, “you can’t fix this.” She cries, “I carried that girl in my body, Ghost. She was blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. This isn’t just happening to you.”

Ghost and Tasha enter their penthouse to see it full of friends and loved ones who’ve heard about Raina. Ghost slips off to the bedroom to get ready for war on the people he thinks killed his daughter.

Angela is starting her first day at work as Head of Criminal, and she’s already upsetting Maks, briefing the team on a case Maks used to be assigned to. As for Saxe, he seems like he’s trying to rattle her, coming in late and breaking the news that Raina was killed. Even though Angela’s new boss, Tameika, has made it clear that James St. Patrick won’t be an issue in their office again, Angela clearly looks distracted by the news. Saxe visits Angela in her new office to say this is the perfect opportunity to pursue St. Patrick; people’s children don’t just get killed like that for no reason. Angela isn’t hearing it.

Ghost heads out to meet Tommy, leaving his cell phone behind intentionally, nodding to Tasha since s—’s about to go down. Before he can find Tommy, Angela walks up to him and offers to give him any help she can when it comes to his daughter. She wants to know what Ghost is up to, pleading with him not to do anything criminal. Ghost thanks Angela for her sympathy but doesn’t want her help. He and Tommy have some business to take care of. As Ghost and Tommy ride out, Tariq hits up Kanan looking for Ray Ray.

Being the dirty cop that he is, Ray Ray logs in to read Tariq’s witness statement to see if he snitched. Knowing he has to leave town, Ray Ray tells his cousin Destiny — Tariq’s girlfriend — that he killed Tariq’s sister. Their chat is interrupted when Angela shows up at Ray Ray’s place looking for details about Raina’s death.

Since Ghost and Tommy think the Jimenez killed Raina, they roll up to the Toros Locos and start shooting in a fiery rampage. They find Uriel and torture him to get him to talk, but Uriel insists the Jimenez don’t kill children. But he also admits that Dre had him kill Julio, which is enough to make Ghost shoot him in the head — maybe a little bit too soon. Tommy is upset they didn’t get more info out of Uriel, but it’s about to be on and popping now that Tommy knows Dre set him up. While Ghost goes off to plan his daughter’s funeral, Tommy goes lurking for Dre by himself. When he sees Dre talking to a detective — Ray Ray, who wants the money he and Kanan are owed for “babysitting” Tariq — Tommy pulls away.

Meanwhile, Silver stops by to console Tasha at the penthouse, offering all the resources he has to help her while also revealing that he loves her. I can’t deal. Silver knows the timing is off, but he’s sincere about wanting to help Tasha. “I can’t watch this happen to you without being a part of making it right,” he says. He then asks about James’ whereabouts and warns her that if anything criminal is happening, she needs to stop it. Just when it seems like Tasha is going to give in to Silver, she politely asks him to leave. Silver is surprised.

Everyone is heartbroken over Raina’s death, but that doesn’t stop them from being opportunists. Councilman Tate meets Ghost at the church to make plans for Raina’s funeral arrangements. Ghost doesn’t want any part of the pastor turning his daughter’s funeral into a big press opportunity, but Tate makes it clear he has no choice. I’m over Tate.

Kanan is setting up shop with some goons, planning how to get money from Dre, when one of the goons tells Kanan that Raina was killed. He calls Tommy, who’s in confession with Father Callahan, and gives him a tip: Since Tariq called asking for Ray Ray’s whereabouts, Ray Ray is probably the one who killed Raina.

Tommy finds Ray Ray’s place and busts in, only to see Destiny. She doesn’t want to snitch on her cousin, but then Tommy puts a gun to her head — and when Destiny finds out that Ray Ray took her phone to contact Tariq, she wants to make sure Tariq knows she had nothing to do with it. Tommy makes it clear that she’s going to make this right. She tells him that her cousin is making a stop in the Heights before heading for Washington, D.C.

Tommy calls Tasha and tells her they found Raina’s killer and that they were after Tariq, not Raina. “Tasha, figure out some alibis,” Tommy says. “We gonna need ’em.” Tasha wants revenge for Raina: “F—ing gut him, Tommy.”

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