Power (Recap) | Who You With? (S1 E6)

by Glenton Samuels aka Chozen | via iHipHopMusic

On the previous episode of Power, the tensions continue to escalate between Ghost and Tommy. Ghost has warned Tommy not to date the employees from the club, yet Tommy brings a waitress to meet Ghost’s family. There is also trouble brewing in the streets as one of NYC’s most prominent drug dealers was nearly killed by a female assailant. This is the same woman who has tried to rob two of Ghost’s workers, and it’s obvious she’s a part of a bigger plan.

When this episode of Power comes on Kanan (played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) gets a visit from his attorney. The young woman informs Kanan that he might be getting out of jail sooner than everyone expects. If this happens, Kanan could demand control of his turf from Ghost and Tommy. Later Kanan’s young son Shawn comes to visit.

The young man gives his father the word on the streets and Kanan tells Shawn to “take what you want.” Unfortunately the thing Shawn wants is Ghost’s wife Tasha.

Feuding Friends
There is a feud brewing between Tommy and Ghost and Holly the waitress could be the straw to break the camel’s back. Ghost warned Tommy not to date the cub’s employees but Tommy brings the young woman to Ghost’s home where she steals jewelry from Tasha. As if this isn’t enough, she discovers $1.25 million in cash in Tommy’s apartment. The woman is furious that Tommy lied to her and she storms out of his apartment.

Another Day Another Problem
After Ruiz is nearly killed Tommy has to visit the drug lord to prove it wasn’t his operation that had him hit. Tommy realizes his life is in danger, but he has no idea the feds are recording the entire conversation. Unfortunately, the tape is very poor quality, but FBI forensics will attempt to improve the sound. Meanwhile Ghost is with his mistress once again. The man even blows Tommy off instead of listening to the report from his business partner.

On a hunch Tommy swings by a favorite spot of Ghost and Angie. He pretends the encounter is just by chance when he pops up at the couple’s two favorite milkshake spot to go to when they were kids. Tommy plays ignorant to their affair and blatantly mentions Ghost’s wife Tasha. The brief conversation reminds Angie that she’s the mistress, number two in Ghost’s life. She’s obviously very bothered as she and Ghost end their date.

Good Thief Bad Move
As good a thief as Holly is, she doesn’t anticipate things well. She actually wears the stolen ear rings to Tasha’s birthday celebration. When confronted, Holly says Tommy bought the jewelry and Tommy covers for her to get back on her good side. Furious, Tasha accepts the story, though she’s still quite suspicious.

Bonny and Clyde
In the next scene, Tommy and Holly finally sit down and talk. Holly admits to being a kleptomaniac who can’t help but to steal. Tommy has to explain the stash in his home so he admits to being one of NYC’s top drug dealers. This twisted couple is sure to illuminate the screen with their passion but the relationship spells trouble for everyone involved.

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