Power (Recap) | Three Moves Ahead (S2 E8)

by Whitney Evans | via TV Fanatic


All hell broke loose on Power Season 2 Episode 8 and nothing is ever, ever going to be the same. I may have said that in the past, but seriously, nothing will ever be as it once was for our core group.

For starters, Tommy is in prison and he knows Angela set him up. But the craziest thing is, she wasn’t even looking to get Tommy. She was trying to get Ghost.

The fallout from Tommy (and Lobos’s) arrest is going to be swift and severe. Couple that with literally everyone out to bury Ghost six feet under and we’re left breathing deeply and teetering on the edge of our seats. Just how exactly does Ghost get through this?

Critics and audiences alike have just lauded over the current season of Power and it’s hard to argue with the praise. Episodes like this are the exact reason why.

Ghost (and Tommy by extension) has been the top dog for a long time and naturally when you’re on top, you have to deal with all the people below you looking to pass you. Ghost has done well ensuring his status as number one, but things have been slowly breaking down for him for awhile.

It has to be said that things really took a turn when Angela was reintroduced into his life. With her betrayal tonight, where can things possibly go for them?

Let’s dive into Angela’s mindset a little. She doesn’t trust Ghost, that’s a given. The bugging of the phone was an attempt to get Lobos, sure, but it was more about her trying to figure just how bad the man she’s in love with is. She knows he’s Ghost, the biggest drug dealer in New York City, but that didn’t mean she still didn’t want to be with him.

No, she wanted to be with him. However, Ghost had to think about his family and the plan was to get rid of Lobos, so he had to follow through with that. In choosing that, Ghost left Angela with a choice.

We can debate the choice she made all day and all reach different conclusions. Angela did what she did, but she didn’t realize that Ghost knew what she was up to. Angela thought she was ahead of the game and for a time she may have been, but the roles have changed now and Ghost is the one in front. That’s why Tommy and Lobos are in prison and Ghost is a free man.

How will things ultimately play out for them? We’ve got two more hours to see.

Kanan: Ghost and Tommy got a revolt going on they hands, man.
Dre: Think we should tell them?
Kanan: Hell no. Right now, we three moves ahead of Ghost. Right where we wanna be.

Kanan has also been ahead of Ghost (and Tommy) for the most part all season. Ghost has been suspicious at times, but he’s also been preoccupied. Things really swung tonight, as Kanan organized a coup that would have ultimately taken Ghost and Tommy down, if Angela hadn’t gotten there first.

It was very interesting to see the way Kanan manipulated everyone. It was way too easy if you ask me. I know there were some disgruntled folks, i.e. Ruiz, but they don’t even know him. Who is he to be so easily believed?

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