Lee Talks “School Daze” Sequel


Writer/director Spike Lee’s second film, School Daze was a classic look at historically Black Colleges and Universities in the 1980s. While fans have been clamoring for a sequel, Lee has confirmed that a script does exist for the film.

School Daze turned 25 in 2013 and many have been clamoring for Lee to return to Mission College. Recently, the three-time Black Reel Award winner spoke with Black&Sexy TV and confirmed that a script has been completed.

“I had the script for School Daze,” said Lee. “But, what people have to understand is that it’s a contemporary version. So it’s the same school, Mission College, 25 years later,” explains Lee. “Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap. He’ll be the president now of the school. And we would deal with issues around Historically Black Colleges today.”

Lee said the movie will delve into many of the same issues that students faced in the late ‘80s, while taking on new subjects such as the pledging process and homophobia at historically black colleges.

In light of Dear White People, it would be fascinating to see Lee’s take on the current state of HBCUs. What new insight would Lee provide, strictly from his observation of the politics aboard college campuses. Hopefully, Lee’s story will be told soon.