Lee Finds ‘Gold’

TCM Road To Hollywood / New York

Currently in post-production for his upcoming film, Oldboy, writer/director/producer Spike Lee may have found his next film. Lee is reportedly taking over the production of Gold from director Michael Mann.

The film described as an untitled thriller involving cyber crime, is based on a true story about the 1993 Bre-X Mineral Corporation mining scandal, Gold follows a rough-around-the-edges prospector who stumbles onto one of the largest gold mines in the world in the Indonesian jungle.

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Produced by Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, It’s possible that Gold could be Lee’s next movie, as production is expected to start before the end of the year, though that will depend on the availability of the actor that filmmakers wind up casting as the lead character.

Haggis developed the project before showing it to Mann as a writing sample. Mann then signed on to direct and produce, but the project failed to gain traction and he’s no longer involved.

Lee’s remakke the of revenge thriller Oldboy, stars Josh Brolin alongside Sharlto Copley and Elizabeth Olsen.

Oldboy opens in theaters on October 11.