The 15 Best Movie Tearjerkers


For the past four decades, I’ve engaged in one of my favorite past times, exploring and watching movies. I’ve been a film critic for more than half of that time and I’ve had the occasion to be moved to tears on very few occasions.

It has been said that real men don’t cry. Of course, I don’t subscribe to this rule but for me, my decision is more personal and private. It is not that I’m afraid to show emotion, those who know me well know that I LOVE to laugh. But then there are times when my emotional veneer shows signs of cracking when I witness stories that touch me to my emotional core.

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I still remember the first movie that made me cry – Carousel. The most memorable thing about this story of a former gambler who is murdered tragically before witnessing the birth of his daughter and has an opportunity to come back from grave for one conversation had tears flowing like Niagara Falls.

Below is a list of the 15 Best Movie Tearjerkers that have penetrated my steely emotional wall made me break my number one movie rule: