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For close to three decades, sexy actress Gina Gershon has brought her special brand of sensuality and passion to many of her roles. This weekend, her latest portrayal of fashion designer, Donatella Versace in the Lifetime film, The House of Versace.

The film is based on Wall Street Journal reporter Deborah Ball’s widely-read book, House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival.” The movie brings to light the story of Donatella, who, following the brazen murder of her brother, world-renowned designer Gianni Versace (Enrico Colantoni) at the height of his success, is suddenly thrust into the spotlight as head designer of his fashion empire.

At first ridiculed by critics worldwide, Donatella falls victim to drug addiction and nearly bankrupts the company. With the help of her family, including daughter Allegra, Aunt Lucia (Raquel Welch) and brother Santo (Colm Feore), she enters rehab to confront her demons and soon comes back stronger than ever to re-ignite the beloved Versace brand with her own vision and builds one of the most powerful and influential fashion houses ever known.

Apparently, Donatella is not a big fan of Gershon’s portrayal and had no involvement with the film. Needless to say that despite Saturday Night Live’s Maya Rudolph’s humorous portrayal of the fashion icon, Gershon’s take captures not just her physical appearance but her emotional essence, as well.

Gershon, who has legions of male and female fans and even has been linked to former President Bill Clinton, has brought the sexy with several notable performances in films such as Showgirls, Bound and most recently in Killer Joe. Recently, Gershon wrote her first book for an adult audience entitled, In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind, which charts her journey to adulthood.

No matter how this sensuous woman from the City of Angels chooses to express herself, trust us, we’ll be watching!!!

Check out some images from this sexy actress as well as the trailer for the television movie, below:

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